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    Expertly applying psychology to business and organisations

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    Attract, develop and retain the best people for your organisation

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    Foster engaged, thriving and performing people

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    Bring out the best in your teams

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    Coaching for high performance

  • Professional Coaching and Development

    Our expert and engaging team of professional coaches, business psychologists, facilitators and consultants provide a premier coaching and development service for private and public sector organisations.

    Based in Cambridge, we work throughout East Anglia, London and the South East. We specialise in developing people to perform at their best, to be successful and fulfilled – resulting in happy, motivated employees who will have a real impact on your business.

    Experts in Executive Coaching, Leadership Development & Outplacement

    Executive Development


    • One-to-one executive coaching
    • Executive & leadership development programmes
    • Psychometric assessment & 360° feedback tools for development and selection
    Outplacement & Careers


    • Tailored programmes for redundancy support
    • One-to-one career coaching & counselling
    • Change management


    • Ensure a smooth transition after maternity leave
    • Experienced maternity coaches provide one-to-one support
    • Bespoke & packaged programmes

    Does my business need coaching and development support?

    Ask yourself the following questions to help determine if your business would benefit from our coaching and development services:

    How well do we attract, develop and retain talent?

    Attracting the best people starts with an attractive employment proposition - good people expect satisfying work, opportunity to develop and grow, and appropriate reward. Our consultants can help you create the right conditions to motivate and fulfil your people. But first you must select the right people and identify those with potential to develop - we can help with that too.

    How well do we support and develop our people?

    We know that aligning motivated and well-developed people with the organisation's purpose and objectives leads to significant growth and success.

    How well do we harness the potential of our people?

    Get the most from your people while increasing happiness and fulfilment. We offer a wide range of development programmes, coaching assignments and consultancy projects including:

    • Leadership and management development programmes
    • Return to work and induction programmes
    • Team performance and coaching programmes
    • Assessment and development centres
    • Employee engagement and wellbeing programmes

    We can help you attract, develop and retain the best people for your organisation.

    Let’s talk about how we can help you.

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    “Has always made a positive impact on [teams], the organisation and the bottom line.”
    PL, Consultancy

    “A great mix of commercial, organisational and inter-personal experience...thoroughly recommended.”
    RB, Law

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